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It is collection of 5818 Poem breathing universal love and peace compiled into 6 Tirumuraigallversal manifestation of the death of - conquering vast Grace-Ligh

Vallalar Vagutta Valkai Murai Author: Thirusampatham Date:7,2001. Version:3rd

Vallalar Principles

  • God is only and unique
  • He is supreme Light.Thoushalt worship Him with true devotion
  • Thou shalt not sacrifice innocent and dumb animals in God's name.
  • Avoid meat eating.Thou shalt practise vegetarianism and nonviolence.
  • leave off the all differencesof caste,creed,religion,country,etc..,
  • Companssion to lives (JEEVAKARUNAYAM)by feeding the pious and the poor is the key to attain eternal bliss
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